«Opium» Year 2019

71х107 см.

Paper, oil pencil, sauce, sepia

The idea behind this masterpiece were poppy gatherers in Afghanistan. The intriguing part is that they were doing so in white robes. The heads of the poppies were cut off and a white liquid flowed out. Then they would darken. The contrast between the colors of black and white are pleasing to the eye. To some people, the idea of opium is a healing from pain, but to some it is the mindset of a dark hell. While I was creating this piece, i was searching for a purpose and idea for it. I was wanting to express darkness and emotional pain.

I wanted to express this state of mind, tragedy.

«Paradise Apples» Year 2020

120х75 см.

Paper, sauce, oil pencil, acrylic, gold, pastel, watercolor, chalk.

By the railroad station grows a an apple tree with small apples growing on it. These apples are called “Chinese” (in feminine form). They always caught my attention and sparked interest in me. Walking around the station, looking at the apple tree, i painted a picture in my head of a siren bird sitting on the tree and indulging in the apples.

With its large claws, it grabbed an apple and bit into it. Here we meet the idea of this bird and feel it’s emotions and passion towards eating this fruit. We feel envy towards the bird due to the peace and satisfaction it is feeling, which is hard for us humans to experience.

The piece “Chinese” has a different meaning than “Paradise Apples”.

Надеждина Елизавета Алексеевна родилась в 1995 году в семье художников Марины и Алексея Надеждиных. Закончила АХПК им В.М. Васнецова в 2015 году. Сейчас студентка 5 курса Академии Акварели Сергея Андрияки.