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Paper, sauce, sepia.

Year 2018

During 4th course at the Academy, there was an assignment to perform a composition with a religious perspective. I was assigned to make "Christmas".

I thought a lot about the plot and images that I would include in the piece for a long time, since I did not want to follow generally accepted patterns. After all, now we perceive Christmas a differently.

I had the idea to show an example of humanity and love even in a difficult life situation.

The painting depicts homeless people warming themselves by the fire. On Christmas Eve, they brought in a young woman with a small child who was left outside on this night. It is seen that one of them gifts a ball to the child, inside is the main plot of Christmas.

The images of the homeless are interesting on their own, but I wanted to show the individuality of each of those present. One has a dog in his arms, someone just warms up with a cup of tea, someone sits in quiet thought, and someone greets us.

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