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Paper, oil pencil, sauce, sepia, sanguine, acrylic, chalk.

Year 2018

I don't quite understand the desire of modern people to hunt in our time of supermarkets and "Dixie". It is a pity for the animals that die for the fun of the hunters that want to show a mockery of the feeling of greed. These Sirins, putting on bird masks, pretending to be ordinary birds, led the hunters from their celebration into a deep thicket. The tablecloth reveals this part of the plot.

Returning, the Sirins feast, sing songs at their festive table.

The painting shows the imagery of day and night. The bird with a hookah, she is wearing a white dress with flowers, a skirt is a bell-sun disk, which finds an owl repetition in the Yueqing-Chinese musical instrument played by a bird in a falcon cap, the cap is again a reference to hunting.

An landing bird in a black dress with stars, the personificies night. The night lights are about to come on.

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